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Street Children of Chiang Mai In City Life Magazine

Living in a hopeless system :

The vast majority of street children living in Thailand have been sold at the Burmese border and brought into Thailand to be exploited. The average child sold is not even a year old and can be bought for less than $3.00. Once in Thailand, these children are considered “stateless people” by the Thai government and are denied Identity Cards which ensures public education, health care and the ability to legally work.

It is also extremely unlikely that street children will be educated or treated medically in their native Burma. Others who are labeled “stateless people,” even though they are born in Thailand, are tribal people groups. If they leave their impoverished reservation-type areas to find employment in urban areas, they can be arrested and thrown into prison. Many tribal families send their children to work in the sex industry.

Most of these exploited children will be taken to the Thai cities of Chiang Mai and Pattaya, which is often referred to as “The World’s Sex Capital.”


Our ultimate aim :

Intercept the Children from the human-traffickers and to ensure the fundamental human rights of these street children are upheld and are given the chance of living a quality life.

We provide emergency assistance for street children and youth to meet their basic needs and equip them to protect themselves against sexual exploitation and HIV/AIDS. The Volunteers for Children’s Development Foundation promotes and supports street children and youth with education and other vocational skill development. Life skills are built and developed in the street children and youth, like creative and critical thinking, decision-making and problem-solving. VCDF follows up and providers assistance related to birth and nationality registration in order to help the children and youth obtain ID cards. We also to inspire our youth to educate their peers.

VCDF is divided into three main programs with five different locations.

To find out more about VCDF’s work with street children, please select a program listed below.